Real-Time Player Tracking & Unique Visual Broadcast Experience introduced at Lanka Premier League 2023 to woe cricket fans globally

Real-Time Player Tracking & Unique Visual Broadcast Experience introduced  at Lanka Premier League 2023 to woe cricket fans globally

Super Slow Motion and Ultra-Motion Cameras used to bring out the visual extravaganza

New Delhi, August 2, 2023: The fourth edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2023 has ensured enhanced broadcast brilliance with the introduction of breath taking visual intricacy of the cricket matches along with live player tracking that allow fans to monitor their favourite players’ movements and statistics real-time for the first time in the League.

Cutting-edge technologies are being used in the tournament to take broadcast coverage to new heights and ensure viewers get an up-close and personal view of the action.

Live player tracking technology involves the use of high-definition cameras and sophisticated sensors, like GPS trackers, accelerometers, and gyroscopes integrated into players’ equipment. The sensors continuously collect data on players’ movements during bowling or batting. Besides fans, live player tracking benefits support staff by offering performance evaluation on injury and fitness. Broadcasters integrate the data into live broadcasts, enriching commentary and therefore encouraging fan interaction on social media platforms.

The action during LPL 2023 is being captured by 35 cameras from all possible angles, including 11 cameras equipped with super slow motion or ultra-motion capabilities to capture the minutest details and give the Live Telecast of these Cricket matches an all together new dimension.

“At IPG, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the passion and excitement of the Lanka Premier League reach every cricket-loving fan year on year and fans are dished with newer technological brilliance. That’s why this year we have gone beyond our limits to showcase the game in a never before format and as the League is beemed by some of the biggest sports broadcasters in the world, the results we see are immensely satisfying,” said Anil Mohan Sankhdhar, Founder, and CEO of IPG Group—the official rights holder of LPL.

Moreover, the team of broadcast professionals hired are some of the best in the business of cricket broadcast production including the usage of state-of-the-art technologies. AI generated engaging graphical element, virtual field placement maps with extensive game insight, strategic positioning of players as well as Virtual Reality graphics have enhanced the production quality and taken the viewing experience to the next level.

Tournament Director Samantha Dodanwela also expressed gratitude to their partners, IPG, for their world-class production efforts. “We are thankful to our partners IPG, who have ensured world-class production for the League. State-of-the-art technology backed by some of the most insightful voices in the world of cricket as commentators and the best professionals in the game are giving Sri Lankan and cricket fans all over the world a very engaging and entertaining cricket coverage,” Dodanwela said.

Hemant Buch, the Director, and Executive Producer, expressed his excitement and commented, “This season, the LPL has emerged bigger and better than ever before, in every sense. The broadcast, like everything else, has been hugely enhanced. There are several cutting-edge technologies deployed to enhance the viewer experience. All of this, added to a highly experienced crew hand-picked from across the world, ensures that viewers will get up close and personal with the action like never before.”

The broadcast also includes Buggy and Drone Cameras to offer unique perspectives and angles during the matches.


About IPG:

IPG Group, founded and led by Anil Mohan, is a global sports marketing, league management, ground sponsorships and production company with significant expertise in international cricket rights and sports media. As a ground & sponsorship rights holder for major cricket leagues, it continues to innovate and push towards sports excellence.